AI Wellness Coach!

An innovative, all-in-one app that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to improve self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resiliency in academics and work.

Check in with WISPRER daily or when you need it

Personalized and private AI interactions

  • Reliable and safe chat sessions
    established by professional clinicians
  • WISPRER learns to understand your
    preferences and needs

Increase self-awareness

  • Gain insight into how your
    thoughts, feelings, and actions
    impact your life
  • Improve resiliency

Dashboard for tracking progress

  • Recognize and monitor your
  • Set and pursue your own goals

Journaling with AI feedback

  • Log of how you’re doing
  • Acquire insights into your progress

Empower students to succeed

  • Improve grades, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence
  • Graduate with well-rounded skills to create a better future and get better jobs

Scientifically proven techniques

  • Mindfulness and Positive Psychology
  • Use techniques such as Posimations, Meditation, and QTIP



MD, CEO & Co-Founder

“Anything is possible; if you think it, you can achieve it”


CTO & Co-Founder

“We can scalably teach these skills and make a huge impact to the world”


CT & Co-Founder

“Self-love leads to true happiness”



“Living is being all in”

The WISPRER  Journey

Our Story

Our minds are truly powerful! Not only for storing and regurgitating information but also for having such a large influence on our own sense of happiness and creation of success. The mind, body, spirit approach have now been studied for decades and show great benefits to our overall health.

Both Raj and Vadim joined the yoga community in 2017 to gain more inner peace and to utilize an ancient form of exercise that aligns your body on many levels. This is where they met Trine who had practiced yoga and mindfulness for many years.

Raj only slept two hours at night and felt restless, irritable, and anxious while launching his previous startup. He recognized that he needed more balance in life and quickly felt better after a few months of yoga and learning to meditate. He acknowledges “it was only through practicing these mindfulness techniques I was able to finish the development of the product and get incredible traction by users!” See the full story

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals be successful in all aspects of life and bounce back from adversity without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. We want people to feel good about their lives and decisions by being fully in charge of their own thoughts, feelings, and actions resulting in healthy self-esteem, relationships, and life-view.